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2005 Infinite Campus Overview - Holiday Inn Rushmore Plaza - Rapid City, SD - Tues., April 19, 2005

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Benefits of Statewide Student Information System: DDN Campus

The Student Information Systems, DDN Campus, is a statewide web-based database of student and staff information. Most school districts currently use stand-alone systems that cannot talk to each other or to the state. Under this system all data will be stored using a unified secure system that will share information with schools, parents, students, and the state.

It is through our statewide infrastructure that South Dakota has the unique opportunity to bring together school district information for the benefit of all. DDN Campus is another example of using the Digital Dakota Network (DDN) for an application that benefits students, parents, and the state. We know of no other state that has accomplished such a project nor of any that are in a position to do so.

School Districts (teachers and administrators)

  • Create class schedules for students
  • Store and immediately display records for students and staff
  • Automate special education Individual Education Programs
  • Record and report attendance to administrators and parents
  • Track discipline actions and offenses
  • Allow for state gathering of data from schools - less hassle for schools
  • Lower cost to school districts
  • Provide enhanced tools for schools, such as secure web-based grading


  • Instant access to grades, attendance and discipline records
  • Track graduation records and course requirements
  • Improve communications between schools and parents

Board of Regents (BOR)

  • Identify Regents Scholars
  • Identify courses needed to meet minimum BOR entrance requirements

Department of Education (DOE)

  • Retrieve demographic information from schools (ADM, enrollments, federal reporting information, etc.)
  • Better student information data integrity
  • School information available more quickly and more accurately
  • Meet federal reporting requirements for the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA)
  • Enhance ability to track student records as they move from district to district so they are not lost between schools

The commercial vendor for the project is Infinite Campus. For additional information on Infinite Campus, visit their Web site at www.InfiniteCampus.com or call 800-850-2335.